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Top 3 Benefits of Joining a Network.

Mar 21, 2023 | Featured, Industry News

There are multiple benefits when joining a network. When an agency is beginning its search for a network, they are looking to fill an immediate need. Usually, that need is either market access, agency advocacy, and/or revenue. 

Click the video below to watch PIIB’s Sales team members Brandon Aguirre and Rachel McClurg go into more detail regarding the following top three:

  1. Market Access:  Most agencies have one of the following issues: they cannot make the carrier commitments or do not have the strategic partnerships in place to discuss obtaining carrier appointments. Once an agency joins a network, this should change. The network will already have strategic partnerships with a lower commitment and the ability to assist an agency with obtaining new company appointments.
  2. Advocacy: Advocacy is one of those overlooked benefits of a network. It’s a powerful way to create relationships and increase visibility with agencies and companies. With a network, a team supports and fights for your agency’s needs daily.
  3. Revenue: If profitable growth is the goal, the network you join should help you maximize your revenue with your existing carriers. They would do this by having a Profit-Sharing model that benefits the group and its members.

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