Existing Agencies

PIIB serves more than 240 Independent Agencies with a wide range in premium from $1 million to over $100 million. As a PIIB affiliate, you maintain control of your agency and independence with support from a leading network. PIIB Affiliates benefit from additional access to carriers, maximized revenue opportunities, education, M&A opportunities, and access to like-minded agencies. PIIB does not own a retail agency.  Our team is 100% dedicated to our affiliate partners’ success.

  • No minimum premium or revenue requirement
  • Greater access to carriers – Carrier List Link
  • 100% commission paid to affiliates.
  • 90% profit sharing paid to affiliates.
  • Additional compensation including negotiated new business and renewal commission.
  • Affiliates retain 100% ownership.
  • Network and collaborate with more than 240 agency owners.
  • Easy exit terms with a simple 90 days’ notice, your book is released immediately.

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