About Us

In 1992 five independent agencies began meeting weekly to address rising volume requirements from insurance companies, profit sharing minimums, and general business pressures. Seeking a way to enable their agencies to be more successful, the group worked on the “PIIB Model” for two years. Pacific Interstate Insurance Brokers was incorporated on June 30, 1994. Today, PIIB remains trues to the original mission to help agencies succeed individually. Although our model has developed and adapted our commitment and transparency to our affiliate partners is the key to our success.

PIIB’s Direct Access Model Promotes Success

PIIB affiliates receive direct access to companies, creating efficiencies in the model while keeping costs down. The founders were committed to building a cluster model for the independent agency. PIIB composed a fee structure with a flat monthly fee while collecting only 10% of profit-sharing and distributing 100% commission to the affiliates.

​In 2001 Larry Manning, a 30-year veteran of Hartford Insurance Group, joined PIIB as Executive Director. Manning took PIIB to the next level and was elected President in 2003. Under Larry’s leadership, PIIB grew to 240 Affiliates represented in nine states with $850,000,000 in premium with 45 companies. Tiffany Bertolini worked closely with Larry Manning through the organization’s growth and was named Vice President in 2018. The Board approved a leadership transition plan to take place in 2021, announcing Tiffany as President-Elect upon Larry’s retirement. Sadly, Larry passed away in March of 2020, accelerating the transition plan. The legacy of PIIB’s original mission to independent agencies to succeed individually still exists today. PIIB’s direct access model allowed for sustainable growth, maintaining the original fee-structure.

PIIB Highlights

  • PIIB takes no ownership of affiliate agencies or books of business.
  • Affiliated agencies receive 100% of the direct commission.
  • With your own sub-codes policies, list your agency name.
  • No minimum premium to become an affiliate.
  • No minimum premium on earning profit sharing.
  • Agency Friendly Contract. If you decide to leave, we only require 90 days’ notice, and your book is immediately released. PIIB Agents stay because they are happy, not trapped.
  • You have direct access to markets – no central marketing to slow down your work.

Our Story

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    THE START: Associated Insurance Brokers, Inc. dba, Pacific Interstate Insurance Brokers was incorporated.

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    GROWING: 12 agencies, 8 companies, $11 million in premium.

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    LEADERSHIP: Larry Manning was elected President; PIIB has 7 affiliate agencies.

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    TIME TO GATHER: PIIB hosted their first convention in Monterey, California.

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    REASON TO CELEBRATE: PIIB added their 100th affiliate agency and hit $150 million in premium.

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    EXPANSION: Official launch to Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Washington, Texas, and Idaho.

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    MORE THAN DOUBLED: Grew to $450 million in premium.

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    VICE PRESIDENT ELECT: Tiffany Bertolini elected Vice President by Board of Directors. Grew to $750 million in premium.

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    IMPRESSIVE: 240 affiliates, Team of 8, Tiffany Bertolini elected President/CEO.

25 Years Later…

PIIB remains true to the original mission to help agencies succeed individually. Although, our model has developed and adapted our commitment and transparency to our affiliate partners is the key to our success. Today our group represents $850,000,000 in premium, 240 affiliate partners, and 45 carriers across nine states.