Leaving a Legacy

Define an Executive Vision

Larry Manning left a mark in this industry that cannot be erased. Larry joined PIIB in 2001; prior to PIIB, Larry had completed an amazing 30 year run over at the Hartford. Larry worked with the PIIB Board of Directors to define a vision for PIIB to create one of the most dynamic organizations in our industry. That vision became a reality as PIIB grew and maintained an excellent reputation attracting top agencies, carriers, and employees. One of Larry’s most exceptional skills was hiring influential individuals; PIIB’s team reflects that quality.  Larry is solely responsible for the family culture that is PIIB, and we will extend his legacy far into the future.

Care for Your People

Creating a legacy is more than the success of a company; it is the culture and core values instilled into the team and people you influence every day. In addition to leading and growing a successful organization, Larry built an exceptional culture and team; he considered the PIIB team family. The PIIB family dynamic is felt across the affiliation and will live on for years to come. Larry, although stubborn about many topics, was progressive when it came to company culture. PIIB quickly became known as Dog Friendly before bringing your dog to work was the norm. In addition to the fun office culture, Larry’s leadership style brought out the best in people. He felt a deep responsibility to his team, guiding them through their careers. Most of the team grew up with Larry and PIIB, looking to him for advice not only in a mentorship capacity but also in their personal lives.

Be A Mentor

With decades of experience and success, his modesty was never compromised. Larry was a mentor to many, guiding industry leaders through their careers. People appreciated his signature approach in brutal honestly tied with sarcasm, wrapped in genuine kindness. Although a mentor to many, he was determined to mentor and convince his daughter Tiffany Bertolini to flourish in the insurance industry.  He persuaded her to assist with administrative work while PIIB was headquartered in Larry’s home office. Tiffany continued her career with PIIB, closely working with her father, soaking up his knowledge and wisdom every day. The duo worked as a team until the end. The Board approved a leadership transition plan to take place in 2021, announcing Tiffany as President-Elect upon Larry’s retirement.  Sadly, Larry passed away in March of 2020, accelerating the transition plan.

Leave Your Mark

The PIIB family misses Larry Manning every day and is so thankful to carry on his legacy. Although Larry is not physically here to guide us through PIIB’s next chapter, his mark is permanent. Our path is clear as we have Larry’s legacy to guide the way.