PIIB Application

To apply for affiliation complete the downloadable application and attach the required documents below. We recommend you contact us before you complete the paperwork, as we are full in many areas.

  • 2 years financials – balance sheet and income statement
  • 3 months Trust Account statements*
  • Company Release – we will review any existing production
  • Brief bio of agency and each principal
  • Marketing Plan
  • Principal License and Agency License
  • E&O Dec Page with at least $1 million limits
  • Bond**state requirements vary

Once all of the information is received preliminary approval will take a few weeks. Final approval may require a meeting between the President and or a PIIB Rep.

Onboarding Process

  1. Once approved, contracts will be issued.
  2. Once approved, the agency and PIIB review the available companies and related volume requirements PIIB will request other documentation to assist with new company paperwork.
  3. During the company selection, a PIIB representative will assist the principal in selecting new markets for their agency.
  4. PIIB will prepare company appointment paperwork and send to the principal for signatures.
  5. Once PIIB receives completed company paperwork we take care of the submissions to the company, appointments can take weeks or months to be completed. When applying for a sub code you will likely meet with local reps during the appointment process. The appointments are not guaranteed, so prepare for meetings accordingly.
  6. While the appointments are being processed PIIB will schedule a follow up meeting with the principal and staff to ensure the agency understands PIIB procedures.