Start-Up Agencies

PIIB has over 25 years of experience assisting Start-Up Independent Agencies ranging from Ex-Captive Producers to Independent Producers starting their own agency. PIIB supports New Independent Agencies every step of the way. Although we have no minimum premium requirement, we are selective in our Start-Up Agencies. PIIB partners with Start-Up Agencies that have the knowledge and talent to work with companies directly. Unlike other clusters, PIIB does not place business on our agent’s behalf. Eliminating the middleman allows the agency to establish a relationship with the carrier from day one.

Our Process:

  • Consult with a PIIB representative to understand the start-up process and how PIIB can help.
  • Complete the PIIB Application and submit supporting documents such as 2 Year Tax Returns and a Business Plan.
  • Upon Approval, PIIB will conduct a company selection and onboarding meeting.
  • PIIB approaches the carriers on your behalf, starting the new appointment process.
  • Subcodes are assigned within a week or a month; it depends on the carrier.
  • As a subcode agency, you will receive 100% direct commission, your agency name shows on the policy, and you will receive support from carrier marketing representatives assigned to PIIB.

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