Steve Bozzuto


Bozzuto & Company Insurance Svc’s, Inc.

Steve is a long-time resident of Northern California. He began his insurance career in 1997 as a producer focusing in commercial insurance and workers compensation along with his brother and now business partner, Mike Bozzuto. In 2001 the Steven Bozzuto Insurance Agency, Inc., was founded with the primary focus in commercial insurance products as a true brokerage agency. Today it has grown into Bozzuto & Company Insurance Services, Inc., a family business staffed with 20+ exceptional people committed to helping their clients be properly insured while reducing the costs and burdens of operating business in a highly competitive industry. Steve has a strong commitment to providing high quality insurance products and educating both his staff and clients about the industry and their important coverage decisions. He credits the agency’s efforts as rewarding and easy thanks to best-in-class employees, clients, and best of the best insurance company partners. Bozzuto & Company is honored and proud of the positive and respected reputation they hold in the insurance industry, among their clients, and within the local community. They are dedicated to protecting and supporting this reputation through staunch convictions and values.

Steve is an active member of his church where he has served on the executive leadership team and led multiple men’s study groups. In addition, he volunteers with numerous charity and outreach events throughout both his church and in the local community. Steve resides in Placer County, California, with his best friend and wife of over 28 years, Rene, their son Zach, daughter Vanessa, and everyone’s favorite dog, Rambo, a rescued 9-lb Yorkie who lives up to his name. Steve and his wife enjoy fitness, biking, travel to any coastline, cooking and hosting socials with wonderful family and friends.

PIIB is the second cluster Steve has been an affiliate member of, in addition to information reviewed for other cluster competitors, Steve’s biased and unbiased position on PIIB as a cluster is: there are no equals. PIIB demonstrates a level of integrity, respect and appreciation to all of their affiliates regardless of size, shape or form. PIIB respects, protects and values their insurance company partners with the highest regard, which sets PIIB miles apart from the masses of clusters. Simply, other clusters don’t compete on terms or the model for which PIIB has become and consistently supports. Larry Manning & the Board of Directors have created an exceptional business model supported by an exceptional staff.