Access Without Compromise

Does PIIB take any ownership in my book of business?

PIIB takes no ownership of affiliate agencies or books of business.

Does our agency have access to all 45 markets?

Affiliates do not have access to all of PIIB’s markets, a PIIB representative will assist your agency in a company selection to find the best appointments for your agency. The agency will make a modest production commitment to each carrier. A typical production requirement is $100,000 in premium within 2 years, substantially lower than what would be expected on your own.​

Why are volume commitments required?

Two of the most important advantages of PIIB’s model compared to other networks are:

  • Direct Access
  • Low Fee

Both of those characteristics are supported by the use of sub codes, which are an expense to our companies. In return our affiliates agree to minimal volume requirements to cover those costs.​

What are the benefits of making a production commitment to receive a sub code?

With our direct access model you work directly with the carrier and underwriters, we have no central marketing you are never placing business through PIIB. A sub code allows commissions and mail to filter to your office with your agency name showing on the policy. It is ultimately your appointment; it is just connected to PIIB’s master code.​

Your Agency,
Your Way

Is my agency allowed to have appointments outside of PIIB?

Absolutely, our contract has no restrictions against obtaining outside appointments.

Do we have to change our agency name and or list that we are a part of the PIIB?

PIIB does not require a legal name change. We do recommend that you include “an affiliate of PIIB” in your email signatures, so carriers are easily able to identify PIIB affiliates, however this is not required.

Does PIIB dictate what agency management systems or software our agency uses?

PIIB does not require agencies to use a specific agency management system. Our agents use Applied Systems, Vertafore, and EZ Lynx, etc. PIIB discounts are available with many of these vendors, but the choice is yours.

What if my agency wants to leave PIIB? Are there any penalties or am I blocked from appointments?

PIIB’s contract requires 90 day notice, and we will help you disconnect your book from PIIB. There are no penalties or hooks, we don’t block you from any future appointments with carriers.