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Do clusters require you to have agency staff or can I operate as a one man/woman shop?

Jun 22, 2020 | Industry News

I have yet to meet a cluster that requires agency staff.  We have affiliates that operate as a one man/woman shop and have had great success.  As long as you’re able to function well alone, the proof is in the pudding.  Can your agency have success without support staff, financially & personally?

Additionally, there are clusters who will provide this support staff.  If your preference is to work alone or your preference is to sell exclusively, seek out the cluster who will provide the service on behalf of your agency. 

As always, know without question what an exit from any cluster looks like.  There may come a time when your agency model shifts.  Make sure you’re comfortable with what the exit looks like should your model change and as a result so do your demands.  Does exiting a cluster who has provided your agency’s staff require that you start from ground zero when your needs no longer fit their model?  Just make sure you’re prepared to do so if that time comes.  Make sure you have a strong business plan and a robust marketing strategy to start your agency from the ground up, if need be.

PIIB welcomes agencies of all sizes, from one man/woman shops to 20+ staff members. 

Reach out to opportunity@piib.com for more information.

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