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8 Strategies to Help Your Agency Attract and Retain Employees!

Feb 28, 2023 | Featured, Industry News

There are perks to running an independent agency, but every agency owner encounters unexpected hardship and challenges, including “hiring while maintaining your office work culture.” Agencies need to be able to create work environments that attract and retain employees. Employees want to know that their voice and work matter; there are opportunities to grow and be able to provide a purpose for the organization.

There are numerous aspects when building a strong work culture and standing out from other agencies around you.  Does your agency provide the strong work culture needed to bring on and retain staff? Can you recognize weaknesses within your agency and build on those? Here are a few practices to identify where your company’s work culture may excel and what needs to be worked on.

  1. Start with hiring the right people: Build a strong work culture by selecting team members who share the same values, work ethic and vision for the organization.
  2. Create an environment of trust: Encourage open and honest communication between employees, managers and leadership.
  3. Establish clear expectations: Make sure everyone in the organization understands the company’s mission, goals and expectations.
  4. Encourage collaboration: Foster an environment that encourages collaboration, creativity and innovation.
  5. Recognize and reward excellence: Celebrate and reward employees who go above and beyond.
  6. Be open to feedback: Listen to and act on suggestions and feedback from employees.
  7. Invest in employee development: Offer training, mentoring and other opportunities for employees to grow and develop.
  8. Promote work/life balance: Encourage employees to lead a balanced lifestyle and take time off when needed.

These are just a few practices that can assist with building your agency culture where your employees can grow and thrive.  Is there anything you do in your agency that isn’t on this list? We’ve love to hear about it –  opportunity@piib.com

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